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This month in Sicily

Festival and Tournament of Maiorchino 2018- Novara di Sicilia ME

From January 7 to February 13, 2018 will be held in Novara di Sicilia the Maiorchino Tournament that will end with the traditional festival. The unique tournament is to roll one cheese Maiorchino cured along a path that winds for over two kilometers along the streets of the country. 16 teams play regularly three competitors, you start from "cantuea da chiazza" coming up to a goal: "a sarva". It launches with a "lazzada" of 1.00 to 1.20 meters, which allows to launch more strength, speed and precision. Wins first come, with less shots hitting "a sarva".


2018, Feb 3-13 - Acireale Carnival (CT)

Acireale Carnival: from February 3 to 13, the most beautiful Carnival in Sicily, allegorical floats, parades of masked groups and shows. A theater of wonders: masks, confetti, lights, flowers, music and above all so much warmth.
The beautiful streets and squares of the historic center of Acireale are the ideal setting for a show that reaches the climax with the parade of floats, through which local craftsmen express their wit and imagination stimulating that of others.

For more informations about the program, see the following website 


2018, Feb 3-5 - Sant'Agata Feast - Catania CT

The feast of Sant 'Agata, the patron saint of Catania, is one of the most patron saint feast in the world. February 3 to 5 three days of worship, devotion, folklore and traditions.
In those three days the city forget everything and concentrate on the party, a mixture of devotion and folklore, which annually attracts up to one million people, including devotees and curious. The first day is reserved for the offering of candles. A fascinating popular custom where the donated candles are heavy like the person applying for the protection. The first day of celebration finish in the evening with a  fireworks show in Piazza Duomo. On February 4 is the most exciting day because it marks the first meeting of the city with the Patron Saint. Already in the early hours of dawn the streets are populated by "citizens". They are devotees who wear the traditional "bag" (a long white gown votive canvas ankle and narrow at the waist with a cord), a black velvet cap, white gloves and a handkerchief waving too white ironed thick folds.



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