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This month in Sicily

2018, March 19 - A Vampata ri San Giuseppi in Modica

A Vampata ri San Giuseppi in Modica. On the evening of March 19, in honor of St. Joseph, is usually light a pyre from which rise high flames. It 'a fantastic and suggestive moment of faith and popular culture. Those present will have the opportunity to taste seasoned bread with oil, salt and oregano as tradition and more. You can also visit the altar of St. Joseph made with traditional breads made by the association along with some of the faithful and the social center of Modica.


Easter 2018 - Trapani - The Procession of Mysteries

The Procession of the Mysteries of Trapani takes place from 14pm on Good Friday and lasts for almost twenty-four hours till Saturday. And 'the longest Italian religious festival and one of the oldest. The sacred groups of the Mysteries go through the most of the streets of the Sicilian city, in a show of lights, sounds, colors and emotions. It is a tradition with obvious Spanish origin that is for nearly 400 years. The Mysteries are twenty artistic representations of the Passion and Death of Christ, exactly eighteen groups, plus the two statues of the Dead Christ and Our Lady of Sorrows. On a shaped wooden base called Vara, stand the sculptures made by Trapani artisans on seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and represent Gospel scenes.


2018, March 18-19 - Feast of St. Joseph - Poggioreale TP

It's since the eighteenth century that in Poggioreale (TP), and in other centers of the Belice valley, they celebrate the festivities in honor of St. Joseph. For the occasion, on 18 and 19 March the entire population is mobilized to witness the profound devotion to the saint. Element that characterizes the festival are the "Squartucciati" that for many years are made to adorn and beautify "Artari of St. Joseph". They are stuffed pasta leaves filled with shredded figs. Handmade, the Squartucciati take on different forms, all linked to the religious symbols.

As per tradition, each year the highlight of the festivities is given by the creation of "Artari of St. Joseph". The Artari (altars) are made as a sign of devotion to the saint and as thanks for a grace received.


2018, Mar 26 - Apr 01, Pashkët - Byzantine Easter in Piana degli Albanesi PA

Pashkët - Byzantine Easter

The Passover rituals in Piana degli Albanesi are very striking. Clear is the strong link with the ancient tradition of Albanian ethnicity and belonging, perpetuated even in everyday life, in religious rituals and language. Here, more than 500 years, jealously guarding the peculiarities of ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious origin. The inhabitants of Piana degli Albanesi, thanks to their tenacity and their own cultural and religious institutions, over the centuries have kept intact their identity and their cultural roots such as customs, traditions, the typical female costumes richly embroidered, language Albanians and the Byzantine Rite. The dressing of women is very important and characteristic feature is the belt with silver buckle finely crafted



Easter 2018 - Easter Bread Arches in San Biagio Platani AG

2018,Apr 1st - May 6th

The origins of this traditional and religious festival date back to the seventeenth century. Contrast between the devotion to Our Lady, "I Madunnara", and the risen Christ, "I Signurara".  For many months, the population of San Biagio, divided into two teams is engaged in setting and processing of these compositions and ferla rods that form the scaffolding to the magnificent decorations of citrus, bay leaves and especially bread in various shapes and sizes. This outdoor exhibit is made of two branches of the main street Umberto I, which has as its center the Mother Church, which is the place of encounter between the risen Christ and the Virgin Mary carried in procession on Easter Sunday by the respective brotherhoods.
Arriving in the country will be fascinated by the vision of true works of art of bread, pasta and cereals colorful mosaics, stunning reproductions of majestic sculptures.


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